Genesis Caribou


Originally conceived for use on Alaskan snow, the key to a ‘fatbike’ is its large volume/ low pressure tyre combo (generally 3.8”+) which provides enough floatation and traction to pedal over soft, unstable and otherwise un-passable terrain. Aka, perfect for exploring the path less travelled



Product Description

Not tied-down to specific single-season use, and much, much more than a just ‘snow bike’, the trail-orientated geometry and fat tyres lend themselves well to year-round use, excelling equally as well in typical UK riding conditions like mud, bog, wet roots and loose rock as with the white stuff.

Roll over (and up) just about anything, find grip and traction in places where previously you’d find none, feel the natural ‘cush’ and obscene amounts of deflection smooth out the trail ahead (try 6-12psi for starters), load it up and head out for an adventure where no other bike dare tread. About as much fun as you can have on a two wheels without an engine!

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Genesis Caribou