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  1. Do you have Boardman elite seven wheel set? How much for the price?

    1. Hi, We don’t have wheel in stock yet

  2. Hi,

    I’m living in Japan, now trying to find bearing and pivot hardwares for Saracen Ariel 15x and 16x.
    Can I buy them from you?
    No SARACEN distributers in Japan already..previously have but they stopped distributing.

    If can buy, will you please show or send spare parts list for me?

    Please kindly advise,
    Yoshikuni Abe

    1. Hi,

      Let me see what we can do from here.

      Thiam Sing

      1. It is possible for you to send us the pictures of the part that you need?

        Thiam Sing

  3. Do you carry Boardman Comp MTB 27.5″? Thanks.

    1. Yes, we do. We are offering a 30% off for last year model.

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